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Bank Loan Syndication

Capital in any form be it debt or equity is one of the fundamental requirements for starting, managing and growing a business. In India, businesses often tend to syndicate capital by way of loan or debt from Banks as banks do have a firm mechanism for evaluation and disbursement of funds. Moreover, banks contribute more percentage as compared to Venture Capitalists by way of capital to businesses in India, therefore it is important for all Entrepreneurs to know about the banking facilities available .

Busibells can assist in bank loan syndication in a range of industries. We can help your business obtain Term Loans, Working Capital Facilities, Corporate Loans, Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees, Loan against Property, Loan against Shares, etc.

Our Financial Professionals will first understand your business, to provide righteous course of action advisory relating to capital syndication, we will prepare the necessary detailed project report, submit request for credit to financial institutions or banks and would follow & reply to queries and work till sanction and disbursement of the requested credit facilities.

Bank Loan Syndication

Syndication is a process of formulating credit request by way of preparation of detailed project report along with the necessary documents, submitting the application to request to banks or financial institutions and to obtain sanction & disbursement of credit facilities.

Financial Professional

Well drafted Detailed Project Report will ensure easy approval of the requested credit facilities.Experienced Financial Professional with good writing & presentation and with strong analytics skill must prepare the Detailed Project Report.

Types of Bank Loan

Various types of bank loans are available . Some of the bank loan types are Term Loan, Cash Credit Facility, LC Facility, Corporate Loan, Loan against Property, Loan against Shares, Bank Guarantee, etc.

Busibells Assist

We are Team of Professionals who can assist you in syndication of bank loans for business houses. Our Professionals are well versed with all the terms of financial world and are capable to assist you with end-to-end support on the loan syndication process.

Loan without collateral

The Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) Scheme provides an option for Entrepreneurs to obtain a bank loan of upto Rs.1 Crore without any security.


The processing time for getting an approval and getting things flowing is anywhere between 1 and 3 months. However, processing time will depend on the information submitted by the promoter/partner/sole proprietor on information as requested by the bankers.

Process for Bank Loan Syndication

Project Report Preparation

Busibells.com assist you in syndicating loan for your business. Loan for your business can be syndicated for your business in 1 - 3 months, based on credit worthiness and several factors as involved in conduct.


Our Financial Expert will connect with you to understand and analyse your business requirments, facts and figures and will propose the plans and capital requirement likewise

Project Preparation

Based on our analysis of your Business and the information collected, our Financial Experts will draft a Detailed Project Report for your business and will present it to banks with whom we have tied up to assist you for fund raising


Once the Detailed Project Report is prepared, we will help submit the same to Banks and help you with the process until the capital is sanctioned for your venture.