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Features of Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

A Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property, registered under ‘’The Copyright Act, 1957”. Copyright is a legal right or protection provided to the creators of literature, dramatics, musical and artistic works, producers of cinematograph films, performances and sound recordings. It is an exclusive right given to the owner from unauthorized use of his assets, access can be provided only when the owner grants permission for the same or in case of transfer of ownership.

When lot of efforts and dedication towards a particular work is undertaken, safeguarding that specific work becomes imperative and thus copyright registration is being carried out which gives the owner rights over his work/ asset.

Process to Register

  1. Prepare copyright application.
  2. Signed copy of the application can be filed manually or electronically with Copyright Registrar along with prescribed fees.
  3. Upon filing the application, government processing will start which generally takes 2-3 months.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all can be registered under The Copyrights Act ?

Any form of literature, art work, website content, photographs, sound recordings, computer software, cinematography, logo for goods/ services, slogans can be registered as copyright.

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  • Copyright Registration for Logo, Books, Periodicals and Magazines.
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