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Reasons to Register for ESIC

Employee State Insurance Corporation Registration

Employee State Insurance Act, 1948 was established with the objective to provide security to the workers related to the financial-social and health security. All the establishment and units employing 10 or more employees, earning INR 21,000 or less per month are required to be registered under the Act. Under this Act, employer contributes 4.75% and employee contributes 1.75% of the wages earned per month. This fund is managed by the ESI Corporation which provides medical, sickness, disablement, maternity benefit, and various other benefits like funeral expenses, provision of supply of physical aids, etc to the employees and their family.

The ESI scheme helps the organisation in such a way that employees being socially and medically covered works with enthusiasm, registration under ESI improves the employee morale and retention. Establishments or units are required tto register under the Act within 15 days of its applicability. Busibells can help you obtain and manage ESI registration.

Process to Register

  1. Application form with requisite documents to be submitted.
  2. Verification is done after submission of the documents.
  3. Other documents are submitted (if required) in respect of the application.
  4. Unique ID code is obtained.

Documents Required

  1. For Employers-

    1. Registration Certificate or License issued under the Shops and Establishment Act/ Factories Act.
    2. Copy of PAN Card.
    3. Address Proof- Latest Rent receipt, if applicable AND copy of property tax receipt.
    4. MOA, AOA/ Partnership Deed/ Trust Deed of the organisation.
    5. Evidence in support of Date of Commencement of production/ business/ copy of invoice of first sale.
    6. Salary details of the employees (month wise).
    7. Copy of Bank statement.


  2. For Employees-

    1. Family photo in duplicate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to register ?

For an employer to get registered under ESI Act, an application in the Form 01 shall be made within 15 days of the act becoming applicable on the organisation.

What is the criteria to have ESI registration ?
What is the ESI Code number ?
Can an establishment once covered go out of coverage if number of employees falls below the minimum requirement ?
Is the employee covered even if the wages earned by him exceeds the minimum criteria ?
What are the reports submitted by the employer?
Who are the persons to be covered as “Employees” under this Act?

Packages on Offering

Bell I
All Inclusive
  • ESI Registration for businesses having less than 20 employees.
Bell II
All Inclusive
  • ESI and PF registration for businesses having less than 20 employees.
Bell III
All Inclusive
  • ESI and EPF registration for businesses having less than 50 employees.