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Features of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a distinctive design, label, brand, logo, words, symbols used to distinguish a business from others in the same industry. A Trademark upon registration under the Trademark Act, 1999 becomes an intangible asset or intellectual property which is used to protect your brand from using by others. One has to be ensured while getting trademark registered that there must not exist a similar or identical registered trademark. Trademarks availability can be checked and confirmed through public search tool available on the websites. Also there are few conditions while registering like it must not be offensive, too generic, deceptive, containing specially protected emblem, etc

A trademark is registered for a span of 10 years which can be renewed on filing renewal application before expiry, for a period of another 10 years. ® symbol is used for a registered trademark. There are 45 trademark classes where you can register your brand based on the type of business carried out.

Process to Register

  1. Prepare basic documents and Brand logo for the business.
  2. Filing of prescribed TM Application form with MCA.
  3. Get the final acknowledgement receipt and use “TM” before your name.
  4. Trademark registry department will examine the logo or trade name, they can ask for the required documents with a suitable time to reply if any objection arise.
  5. Final Trademark registration certificate will be provided if there is no objection, which shall be valid for 10 years.

Documents Required

  1. Identity Proof - PAN card of the trademark owner or the Authorised signatory.
  2. Address Proof- Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card of the owner or the authorised signatory.
  3. Proof of Registration – Partnership Deed/ Incorporation Certificate/ Registration Certificate in case of filing on behalf of corporate entity.
  4. Signed Trademark Authority letter (authorising an Attorney to file application on your behalf)
  5. Logo in white and black format, for a word to be registered doesn’t need a logo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all can be registered as a Trademark?

Any distinctive word, name, device, label, numerals or a combination of colors that can be represented graphically (in a paper) can be registered as a trademark.

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Packages on Offering

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  • Trademark filing under one class for proprietorship and small and medium enterprises. Inclusive of government fee and taxes.
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  • Trademark filing under one class for proprietorship and small and medium enterprises. Inclusive of government fee and taxes.
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  • Trademark filing under one class for Companies & MSME Registration Inclusive of government fee and taxes.